The Kansas City Star

March 19, 2009
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JAMES A. FUSSELL, The Kansas City Star

Steffany Hedenkamp has experienced more in 35 years than many people have in a lifetime.

She’s lived on her own since she was 16, earned a full-ride scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University and had two home births. She started her own communications company, worked on Kay Barnes’ mayoral campaign, met Matt Damon and Army Gen. David Petraeus, and once got a thank-you letter from a little-known senator named Barack Obama.

Recently she designed a national campaign to get midwives licensed in all 50 states.

We had to know more.

Q. You own Red Quill Communications. Why Red Quill?

A. I have red hair, and the quill makes you think of writing.

Fair enough. You’ve also met many famous people. How have you done that?

I’ve had some amazing clients. The famous people come attached to them.

What are you communicating about now?

The Big Push for Midwives. It’s a nationally coordinated advocacy campaign. We’re working with state-level groups for regulation and licensure of certified professional midwives who practice out-of-hospital births.

Interesting. But first tell us more about you. Are you married?

I’ve been married for nine years to my husband, Bret. We’ve got four children, two together.

Done anything else noteworthy?

I was a White House intern.

Really. How old were you?


Nine, 5, carry the 1 … Who was the president?

Bill Clinton.

Shut up!

I was there two years before Monica Lewinsky.

The president didn’t ever try to …



What other things might we find interesting about you?

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